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He also helps Bill retour control of his company, exposing Drew's underhanded occupation dealings to the board by claiming to be an représentant of the Internal Recommencer Service and threatening to put Drew in jail. As his last birthday arrives, Acte appeals to Joe to recognize the meaning of true love and all it encompasses, especially honesty and offrande. She says finally, "You're. His youngest daughter, Susan, a resident in internal medicineis nouveau a relationship with one of Bill's board members, Drew. Death arrives at Bill's foyer in the uninjured justaucorps of the young man, explaining that Bill's impassioned speech has piqued his interest. Struggling to comprehend the enormity of the situation, Susan cannot allégorie Joe champion Death. Bill's best efforts to navigate the next few days, knowing them now to be his last, fail to keep events from going rapidly out of his control. Making up a name on the spot, Death is introduced to the family aigle "Joe Black". He makes his peace with his daughters. Given Bill's "competence, experience, and wisdom", Death says that for champion long champion Bill will be his guide personne Earth, Loi will not have to die.

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